Supplying The Basics: High School Supplies

A new high school year brings new starts, new subjects and new school supplies. And while some supplies are a hit all year long, others are not. Here’s a simple list of basic school supplies for students that have a better chance of being put to good use, rather that collecting pencil shavings at the bottom of a book bag.

Pencils & Pens

Be sure and try them out before purchasing. This way you’re not stuck writing with something that doesn’t work for you. And, when you find the right utensil buy several.

Pencils & Pens Case

In addition to keeping all of your pens and pencils together in one place. Your case can be home to other go to items like a calculator, erasers, rulers and more.

Paper Products

Spiral bound or composition notebooks and Loose-leaf notebook paper – Most teachers require students use college-ruled paper. Portfolios, dividers and sheet protectors for binders. Index cards and files.


You can usually find suitable bags on sale. Try finding a durable one that’ll last a few years and carries features you may need: comfortable straps, zippers, and flaps to keep things from falling out.

Home Computer Supplies

Printer, Ink cartridges and printer paper. Data storage: flash drive, hard drives, CD’s or DVD’s.