Boats light up night for annual Christmas on the Water Boat Parade in Biloxi

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Boats sailed in the name of the Christmas Spirit for the popular Christmas on the Water Boat Parade in Biloxi.

The highly anticipated event had folks with their eyes focused on the water. People were relaxed on the beach as they saw their favorite colors shine on the boats.

Some attendees said they had to climb as high as 60 feet to tie lights on the mast. Organizers said boats sailed from Biloxi Lighthouse to the Ocean Springs bridge so that most people can get the chance to see clearly.

Peter Small said he attends because he’s always amazed by what’s included in the show each year.

“How could you not like it? It’s so cool to see them all shine on the water like that. You can tell people put in some work to get all of the lights on there like that. You can’t help but to appreciate them doing that for us,” said Small.

Peter Small said even though the show is over 35 years old, he said he’s been to the last ten because it’s a family tradition.

“The girls love the lights, I love boats and the lights, so it’s a win-win for us,” said Small. “It’s a family-friendly event where we all get together, so it’s always something that we look forward to.”

All heads were pointed up at the sky as fireworks lit the sky following the boat show. And 12-year-old Xavier Massey said he didn’t expect to get the treat at the end.

“I love the colors and the lights on the boats. I like that we got to see even more since there were fireworks. I didn’t know there was a show, I got scared at first when I heard them, but I’m glad we stayed until the end,” said Massey.

More than 30 boats were in the show.

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Jasmine Lotts

Jasmine Lotts

Jasmine Lotts was born and raised in St. Louis and found her passion for journalism studying at the University of Missouri.