Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes by the pint?!

Do you love Little Debbie’s Christmas Tree Cakes? You know… the ones covered with white frosting, crispy green sprinkles, and soft yellow cake on the inside? Well, soon you’ll be able to enjoy this tasty holiday treat in a new form!

The freshly-announced Christmas Tree Cakes ice cream flavor will hit Wal-Mart shelves on November 1st. You can buy a pint for just $2.50 while supplies last.

According to a Facebook post by Little Debbie, the ice cream – produced by Hudsonville Ice Cream based in Holland, Michigan – will be vanilla flavored with “decadent golden cake chunks”. It will also feature the signature red icing and green sprinkles! The snack cakes have been around since 1985 and are self-declared “Santa’s favorite treat”.

According to a statement from Wal-Mart to USA TODAY, this will be the first Little Debbie snack to be turned into an ice cream. But will it be the last?

Social media is buzzing with the announcement of the ice cream as consumers on Facebook and Twitter share their opposing opinions on the treat. But I think I’ll just try it myself and make up my own mind.

Gulf Coast Weekend Staff

Gulf Coast Weekend Staff

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