Wendy’s adding new Frosty flavor to menu

(CNN) - Wendy’s is shaking things up this summer and adding a strawberry Frosty to its menu.

Beginning Monday, the strawberry Frosty is on United States menus for a limited time.

It is replacing vanilla for the moment. Wendy’s promises that flavor will return following the promotion.

It’s a notable shift for Wendy’s, which doesn’t mix up its Frosty flavors nearly as often as McDonald’s does with its McFlurry lineup.

Strawberry is only the second new flavor added in the U.S. in the past 16 years.

The fast food restaurant launched a birthday cake Frosty in 2019 when the chain celebrated its 50th birthday.

The vanilla Frosty was added to menus in 2006.

Strawberry Frosties proved popular when added to menus in Canada last year, becoming one of the chain’s “most talked about items” online.

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