‘Bayou Wars’ marks 30 years of gaming fun

D’IBERVILLE, Miss. (WLOX) - This weekend, the D’iberville Civic Center is serving as the host to the Bayou Wars, one of the longest running gaming conventions on the coast.

This weekend marks the 30th year for the gathering. The convention showcases a large variety of massive board games, customized figures and role playing cards. With the convention being cancelled last year, fans were eager to sit across from friends and compete in their favorite tabletop board games.

“It’s a toy soldier convention,” said Chris Johnston, founder of the convention. “People get together we been doing it for thirty years. We play toy soldiers and recreate historical battles and fantasy battles. It’s just a good times. The older players here also brought their families, so it’s a generational pull.”

The event will continue on through Sunday.

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WLOX Staff

WLOX Staff

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