In Their Shoes: Behind the scenes of coast drag queen Kayla Starr

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - With International Drag Queen Day coming up on July 16, this week’s “In Their Shoes” takes a look into what exactly it takes to be a drag queen, featuring local drag queen Kayla Starr.

Kayla Starr, who performs at Sipps in Gulfport and at other venues across the coast, has been a male to female transsexual for over 20 years.

“I live my life as a woman, and I entertain as a drag queen,” Starr said.

Starr says she loves drag because of how it pays homage to women.

“What drag is, in my opinion, is a love letter to women. It’s sort of a tribute every weekend to women that you love,” Starr said. “Because if you really sit there and you think about it, every show is always in a positive light. It’s always great things that you love about women that you emulate- that you bring to the stage so you can share with the masses.”

Starr says her transformation into full drag takes anywhere from a minute to two hours, depending on how much “magic” she puts into the look. No look is complete without the finishing touches of lashes and lip gloss.

Starr also makes her own clothing, with the help of her niece Dylan. After measuring and designing, they can turn out two or three pieces a day, depending on how complex the pieces are. She says that most good drag queens can make their own clothes.

If you want to see Starr and other performers dancing and lip syncing to some upbeat, iconic tunes, head to one of Sipps’ Saturday night drag shows.

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