Todd, green-winged macaw, visits Good Morning Mississippi

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Today on GMM, we meet one of the Mississippi Aquarium’s ambassador animals- Todd, the green-winged macaw!

The green-winged macaw is the second largest species of macaw, and it’s found mostly in Central and South America in rainforest habitats.

Our new friend shows off his colorful wings as he mimics our anchors and nibbles on some seeds. Mimicking is one of the ways parrots identify members of their flock. Looks like he likes our WLOX staff!

Todd’s huge beak helps him crack large fruits and nuts, even though he ends up dropping most of them on our set. In the rainforest, these droppings help other animals who are scavengers and keep the rainforest floor thriving!

If you want to visit with Todd yourself, head over to the Mississippi Aquarium or catch him at an event or classroom visit. For more information about times you can visit with Todd at the aquarium, visit their website here.

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Flora Dedeaux

Flora Dedeaux

Flora Dedeaux was born and raised in Gulfport, Mississippi. She graduated from Mississippi State in 2022 with a communication degree, concentrating in broadcast and public relations and minoring in marketing.