Joanna the Savannah Monitor chomps tilapia breakfast on set

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Another special animal visited the WLOX set Monday- Joanna the Savannah Monitor!

Cody Breland with Wild Acres joined us on set to tell us all about Joanna. Savannah Monitors are from the savannahs of Africa, and Joanna was brought to Wild Acres recently from one of the rehabbers at Wild at Heart Rescue.

Between housing, feeding and special heating and lighting, a lot goes into taking care of a cold-blooded animal like this. Savannah Monitors can live 8-10 years in the wild, but in careful human captivity, they can live 15-20.

Joanna commonly eats mealworms, but got a special treat of tilapia on the WLOX set.

Joanna is just one of the animals you can meet when you visit Wild Acres in McHenry, MS. Wild Acres offers private, hands-on tours and encounters Wednesday-Sunday from 12pm - 6pm, by appointment only.

Learn more about Wild Acres and the different animal experiences they offer at

You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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WLOX Staff

WLOX Staff

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