Pecan House has plenty of supply for busy holiday

MCHENRY, Miss. (WLOX) - The Pecan House is a must stop for the holidays, and the supply is good and plentiful.

“Pecan crops are great this year,” said owner Phyllis Shoemake. “They are beautiful pecans and we’re having no trouble getting the pecans. The price has increased substantially, but we’re having a beautiful crop.”

Prices for just about everything are up this year.

“Eggs, butter, sugar,” Shoemake said. “Obviously, we use a lot of all of that.”

But business is picking up, and at least for now, consumers won’t feel the economic pinch. Despite a trend to early shopping, Shoemake says the real crunch is about to come.

“It’s a surprise to people that Christmas is just around the corner,” she said. “So, we’ll get a panic probably next week that, ‘I need to send out some gifts. I need to get this done, it’s almost Christmas.’ So, we’ll see a panic next week.”

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Mike Lacy

Mike Lacy

Mike Lacy was a print journalist for 37 years before joining the WLOX team. Most of his career he spent as a writer, editor and page designer at the Sun Herald newspaper.