Family opens Mexican butcher shop on Cinco de Mayo

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) - One family in Pascagoula is celebrating their Hispanic roots on Cinco De Mayo by opening a Mexican Butcher shop.

For 17 years, Las Americas has been serving the flagship city. With music, tacos and a ribbon cutting, the Santamaria family welcomes their butcher shop, also known as a carniceria.

“We saw the need for a Carniceria. We love having carne asada. My mom goes to Mexico very often, and we tell her, ‘Can you bring us some carne to make a carne asada?’ And we store it in the freezer,” owners Laura and Harmodio Santamaria said.

The family’s inspiration to open the store began after seeing the lack of stores that catered to the growing Hispanic community.

“When we started 17 years ago, me and my wife made a pledge, made a point to make it like a bridge for all the families here from different countries,” Harmodio said.

Today, Laura, Harmodio and their three children are staying busy working in their café and grocery store.

“I’m proud this is a big business, and you can see they put a big effort to serve the community,” Megan Santamaria said.

Baldo who helps in the butcher shop tells us some must try items.

“The specialty here would be the meat to grill the fajitas, the ribs, which is what is selling the most. We are promoting products that people have not tried. We invite you to try them,” Baldo said.

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Leslie Rojas

Leslie Rojas

Leslie Rojas comes to WLOX from the Los Angeles area where she earned her degree in Journalism from California State University Long Beach.