Images of the Coast Life on display in September

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - There is no shortage of scenes worth capturing in South Mississippi. Over the next month, a photographer and artist are collaborating to give you a glimpse into the Coast Life one picture and painting at a time.

When Jeff Baldock retired 9-years ago, he discovered his true passion of photography.

“Most of the inspiration in this room is from a Coastal perspective. In fact, I even named one of my pieces Coastal Life,” said Baldock. “The funny thing is I’ve never owned a boat in my life and I love shooting shrimp boats. These beautiful boats are part of our history here on the coast.”

Many of Baldock’s pictures could easily be mistaken for paintings.

“That’s why I’m in an art gallery,” Baldock said. “I’ve had so many people say is that a photograph? The technique is called bracketing on your DSL camera.”

For the month of September, Baldock’s work is on display at Gallery 782 in Biloxi. Tetiana Muller is also taking part in what they call the “Coastal Life” exhibit.

Muller is from Ukraine, and she’s lived on the Mississippi Coast for the last 8-years. Her parents now stay with her after escaping from the war zone in the last year. Muller uses her art to help ease the stress of thinking about what’s happening in her home country.

“It’s awful to understand what’s going on in Ukraine because a lot of my relatives struggle and I just pray for this war to be finished,” said Muller.

After moving here, Muller felt an instant connection since she grew up in a Coastal area of Ukraine.

“I just like the smell of salty water and those boats. When I came here I realized that it is a piece of the memory of my motherland,” said Muller. “For me, it was very important to connect me with my memories.”

It’s memories of life on the coast now captured for others to enjoy in Muller’s art and Baldock’s photographs.

You can find more information on Jeff Baldock and Tetiana Muller’s work online:

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Hugh Keeton

Hugh Keeton

Hugh Keeton is an anchor and reporter for WLOX News who grew up in the small North Mississippi town of Iuka, and later attended Ole Miss.