Meeting of the Minds gather in Gulf Shores for the first time, celebrating Jimmy Buffett

GULF SHORES, Ala. (WALA) - Thousands of Parrot Heads flocking to Gulf Shores for the annual Meeting of the Minds.

This is the late Jimmy Buffett’s fan base that meets every year to celebrate his music. This year is the first time it was hosted in Gulf Shores, Buffett’s old stomping grounds.

“It’s been different, but it’s been fun,” said Ronald Mead, a Parrot Head. “We’ve been here for a couple of days and having a good time.”

Buffett fans are known as “Parrot Heads,” and they don’t take the title lightly. Many dressed in their most tropical attire.

The night was filled with lots of music, dancing, and shouts.

“I’ve got to say Pirate Looks at Forty is my favorite because that’s a great song,” said Laura Howe.

Following Buffett’s passing last month, some said this year is more sentimental.

“It’s really sad this year,” said Howe. “We are missing Jimmy but look at how happy everybody is. This place brings together so many people who are happy.”

Parrot Heads will continue the fun in his honor.

“There’s still going to be Parrot Heads, we’ll be here forever,” said Ronald Bernagisel.

For the schedule of events, click here.