5 Places for Barbecue Ribs

Everyone should know where to find a plate of tender, juicy, flavorful ribs. Here are 5 places on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that serve up just that.

Tay's Barbecue

2318 Ingalls Ave. Pascagoula (228) 205-2166

The St. Louis ribs at Tay’s are applied with an old family rub recipe, smoked slow and low, and then coated with a third generation finishing sauce. (Photo: Tay’s BBQ)

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Belly Up Barbecue

15094 Mills Rd. Gulfport (228) 832-1147

Belly Up BBQ’s baby back ribs are worked up in a homemade dry rub and smoked directly over pecan wood. (Photo: Belly Up BBQ)

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Murky Waters

1320 27th Ave. Gulfport (228) 214-4420

The cut of ribs at Murky Waters in Gulfport are in-between baby back ribs and St. Louis style. After their signature dry rub is applied, they smoke over pecan wood in a Southern Pride smoker. (Photo: Murky Waters)

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Pleasant's BBQ

1415 Government St. Ocean Springs (228) 875-3384

The St. Louis ribs at Pleasant’s BBQ are smothered in a homemade seasoning and then smoked in a brick pit with pecan wood. The ribs are then lathered with a mild finishing sauce. (Photo: Pleasant’s BBQ)

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Slap Ya Momma's

1830 Beach Blvd, Biloxi (228) 456-0055

The foundation for the stellar St. Louis ribs found at Slap Ya Momma’s is found in the family’s decades-old secret dry rub recipe. (Photo: Slap Ya Momma’s)

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Got any other favorites? Let us know!