These Buffalo Chicken Roll-Ups Will Spice Up your next Tailgate

It's sure to be a family favorite!

Try buffalo chicken roll ups for your next tailgating festivities. This appetizer is a quick and easy recipe to make.


Here’s what you will need: sour cream, powdered ranch dressing, mayonnaise, shredded cheddar cheese, bacon bits, green onions, shredded chicken from a can, soft flour tortilla, Alabama Sunshine Wing Sauce (or another local wing sauce if you must).┬áDon’t worry about measuring, just add as much as you like.

No cooking necessary!

There’s no cooking to do, that’s the best part! Mix everything together. Spread on to tortillas. Wrap tortillas up jelly-roll style and cut into 1/2 inch slices. Pop into the fridge to chill for 10 minutes.
When you’re tailgating, don’t just show up, roll up with some tasty buffalo chicken roll ups!

Buffalo Chicken Roll-Ups