Cruisin’ with The Tall Boys

Cruisin’ with The Tall Boys

Cruisin’ The Coast is an event on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that gets bigger with each new year. Early October is when cruisers from around the country make their way to ‘America’s Largest Block Party’ to take part in coast-wide festivities. Cars are the stars of Cruisin’ The Coast, but up and down Highway 90 and other avenues you’ll hear great music that’ll make you stop, look and listen.

The Tall Boys are a popular local band that holds a love for all things music and muscle cars. WLOX Gulf Coast Weekend recently teamed up with The Tall Boys, once again, to hear their most recent tune, ‘Cruisin.’ The song inspired us so much we had to make a music video. Enjoy!


Wax em down and fire em up ‘cause here come all our friends
They come from every state around to cruise the coast again
There’s low riders,,rat rods, Model A’s, and Stangs
You got a classic car, you can come out here and hang

Cruisin’, cruisin’ — up and down the coast
Revvin’ up my hot rod is what I like the most
Cruisin’, cruisin’ — that’s where you will find me
Out here on the beach, doin’ 30 out on 90

We’re headin’ to the lighthouse on Porter Avenue
We’ll look at cars and drink some brew and start a barbeque
Tonight we’ll go and gamble, and I’ma make you a bet
My 67 GTO can beat your new Corvette

See, I started out in Long Beach in my 57 Chevy
That candy coat’s a-shinin’ and that motor’s loud and heavy
Everybody starin’ — their eyes filled with desire
Come on over — I’ll peel these white-wall tires — SCCUUUURRR!



(I saw a) Jet black Cadillac, ’47 Pontiac
Lavender Challenger, and a Fairlane with a fastback
Mustang GT, an SS ’63,
AMC, DMC, GMC, General Lee!


Last part of last chorus…
Out there on the beach
In my RV
Look at me
Tryna party
Goin’ really slow behind me
Down on 90.

Click to see The Tall Boys’ Pontoon Boat Mardi Gras Float.

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