Don’t Miss It: Beauvoir’s Fall Muster

Beauvoir’s Fall Muster takes place Saturday, October 20 and Sunday, October 21 at the Jefferson Davis Home in Biloxi. The Civil War Reenactments are some of the best you’ll find in the region. Tickets are: Adults – $12.50, Military & Seniors – $10.00, Children (6 – 18) – $7.50, Children under 6 – Free. Click here to purchase tickets.

Beauvoir Fall Muster







Saturday, October 20th

06:00 Reveille

08:00 All Vehicles out of Camp

09:00 Camp Opens to Public, Reenactor’s Officers Call

10:00 Ladies Tea—Beauvoir Room

10:00—11:00 Soldiers Drill—All Units

10:30 School of the Soldier

11:00 Court Martial Skit—Pearl River Mercantile

12:00 Lunch—Food Vendors

01:00 Soldier Inspections form up for Battle

02:00 Battle and Salute

03:00 All Reenactors Group Photo

04:00 Camps Closed to Public

05:00 Camp Meal—All Registered – Reenactors

07:00 Period Ball—President Library Cottage

10:00 TAPS—Quiet in Camp

Beauvoir Fall Muster







Sunday, October 21nd

06:00 Reveille

08:00 All Vehicles out of Camp

09:00 Camps Open to Public – Officers Call

09:45 Church Services—Post Guard at Unknown Tomb

10:45 Memorial Service to Unknown Soldier—Libation

11:15 Confederate Iron CrossD – Dedication

11:45—12:15 Company Drill

12:00 Skit—Shotgun Wedding

01:00 Soldiers Inspection—Form Up

01:00—01:30—School of Soldiers

02:00 Battle—Salute

Begin Camp Breakdown

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