These Folks Are OBSESSED with Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

The best way to spread Christmas cheer, according to TJ Smith, is decorating for all to see.

In fact, this self-proclaimed Christmas fanatic starts decorating for the holiday as early as the second week of October.

We aren’t just talking about a tree and stockings.

Smith and his roommate decorate every room inside their house with more than 200 pieces.

In the living room you’ll also find a tiny, but large, village.

Smith has collected pieces for his miniature village for years. He said it’s his favorite inside decoration and has so many pieces he doesn’t have space for them all.

Outside, even more! There are at least 1,000 lights.

For Smith, this holiday tradition began in 2004 with only a tree and a few village pieces.

It has since grown into half an acre of lighted decorations.

The house draws quite a crowd. And you’re encouraged to see it yourself! Stop and view the house located on Capaha Trail near the country club.