Got Songs? You Should Be At The Mississippi Songwriters Festival

The 9th Annual Mississippi Songwriters Festival kicks off Thursday Night Sept 20 at 7 p.m. with a Free “Songs and Stories” concert featuring Hit songwriter Chuck Cannon at the Mary C. Theatre then VIP After Party at Boots & Spurs at 9 p.m. in Downtown Ocean Springs. A powerful entertainer in his own right some of Chuck’s hits are: “Me Too’, American Soldier”, “How Do You Like Me Now?”, “Getcha Some”, “I Love The Way  You Love Me” Don’t miss the exciting singer-songwriter!

Starting at 6PM at 13 intimate venues in Downtown Ocean Springs and new this year one in Gautier and one in Moss Point.  Each venue will have a host and MC and up to 12 performing songwriters throughout the night at every unique location. Over 100 songwriters have been booked. Now in its 9th year, the festival is growing into one of the top songwriting festival stops in the country, drawing thousands of music fans eager to see, hear and meet the people who write the songs everyone sings along to.

The Festival Finale is Sunday, Sept 23rd at 5 p.m. at Mosaic’s/Ocean Springs Plaza featuring an all-star lineup and awards, presentations and special guest.

Performance dates, times and venues:

Thursday, Sept. 20

Mary C O’Keefe Cultural Center For The Arts & Education – Ocean Springs

7:00 pm Chuck Cannon, Songs & Stories

Boots & Spurs – Ocean Springs

Kickoff Party – TBA

Friday, Sept. 21

Tom’s Extreme Pizzeria – Ocean Springs

MC – Carrie Lynn Stanford/Host – Jerry Graham 

5:45 pm: KneeOn Sisters; Ron Johnson

6:50 pm: Kevin Edwards; Collin McLeod; Darrell Lane Galatas

7:55 pm: Carrie Lynn Stanford; Luke Fisher; Katie Jones

9:00 pm: Barstow Revival; Honeyboy & Boots

The Julep Room – Ocean Springs

MC – Mike Kommersmith

5:45 pm: Melissa Summersell; Trey Rowell; Rethea Pittman

6:50 pm: Jarrod Nichols; Tony Cobb; Hannah Belle

7:55 pm: Tommy Ike Hailey; Barry Chauvin; David Gautreau

9:00 pm: Danny Wells; Brandon Green

10:45 pm: Wyatt Edmondson; Darren Camp; Eric Welford

Murky Waters – Ocean Springs

MC – Andrea Little/Host – Brian Fulton

5:45 pm: George Lee; Jeremy Eisler; Hunter Morse

6:50 pm: JP Miller; Kat Taylor; Megan McMillan

7:55 pm: Wayward Jones; Judson Smith

9:00 pm: Mark Muleman Massey; J Edwards; Taylor Craven

10:45 pm: Highway Sister(s); Cary Laine; Dallas Remington

Mosaic Restaurant & Bar – Ocean Springs

MC – Danielle Thomas/Host – Kayla Rico

5:45 pm: Amber DeDual; Kay Khoury

6:50 pm: Gram Rea; Sassafrass

7:55 pm: Danielle Thomas; Dixie Lee Stradtner; Bill Kretzer

9:00 pm: Grayson Capps; Sean Gasaway

10:45 pm: Tony Crispigna; Roland Jackson; Laurie Anne Armour

Saturday, Sept. 22

Gulf Hills Hotel & Conference Center – Ocean Springs

Hosted by Ty Taylor.

Hosted by Danny Wells.

Tom’s Extreme Pizzeria – Ocean Springs

2 p.m. Youth Showcase – Host: Tina Powers

Round 1 – Sophie Meadows; Isabella Weaver; Hunter Morse 

Round 2 – Collin McLeod; Madison Grace; Katie Jones 

Round 3 – Summerlyn Powers; Dallas Remington

MC – Kris Jordan/Host – Jerry Graham

5:45 pm: Avery Landrum; Gabe Cruz; Kenzie Chapman

6:50 pm: Savanna Jones; Dustin Steen; Luke Fisher

7:55 pm: Kris Jordan; Kay Khoury; Jesh Yancey

9:00 pm: Sarah Peacock; Karen Reynolds; Sydney Lett

Murky Waters – Ocean Springs

2 p.m. Youth Showcase – Host: Carrie Lynn Stanford

Round 1 – Gabe Cruz, Avery Landrum

Round 2 – River Schmidt, Kenzie Chapman, KneeOn Sisters

Round 3 – Carrie Lynn Stanford, Kristian Cowart

MC – Shannon Gambrell/Host – Adam Gambrell

5:45 pm: Joe Sims; Madison Grace

6:50 pm: Honeyboy & Boots; Carrie Lynn Stanford

7:55 pm: Adam Gambrell; Robert Daniels; Kevin Edwards

9:00 pm: Shawna P, Grayson Capps

10:45 pm: Beaumont/Hughes; Colin Lockey

The Crawfish House – Ocean Springs

MC/Host – Robert Daniels, 3:00 – 7:00.

3:00 pm: Amber DeDual; Melissa Summersell; Danielle Thomas

4:15 pm: Telly Luke; Shane Theriot; Kelly Parfait

5:30 pm: Robert Daniels; Dallas Remington; Talbot Pearson

MC/Host – Reggie Bates

6:50 pm: Tony Sea & The Southern Nights 

7:55 pm: Reggie Bates; Megan McMillan; Darren Camp 

9:00 pm: Tommy Barnes; J Edwards

The Froghead Grill – Ocean Springs

MC – Nick Biebricher/Host – Tina Powers

5:00 pm – KneeOn Stars; River Schmidt

6:05 pm – Nick Biebricher; Summerlyn Powers; Hunter Morse

7:10 pm – Kristian Cowart; JP Miller; Kat Taylor 

8:25 pm – Blue Mother Tupelo; Mark Sherrill

9:45 pm -Double Dee; Troy Martin

Hacienda San Miguel: House of Tequila – Moss Point

MC – Robert Joseph/Host – TBA

5:45 pm: Terry Kendall; Jennifer Hurley; Collin McLeod

6:50 pm: Drew Rhian; Katie Jones; Reatha Pittman

7:55 pm: Robert Joseph; Nell Seymour

9:00 pm: Bayou Troubadours

The Love Shack – Ocean Springs

MC – RT Hall/Host – Kristal Sisson

5:45 pm: Richelle Putnam; Dixie Lee Stradtner

6:50 pm: Bill Kretzer; Trey Rowell

7:55 pm: RT Hall; Dana Woods

9:00 pm: Jim McCormick; Brandon Green

Boots & Spurs – Ocean Springs

MC – Sherri Marengo/Host – Mike Schaffer

5:45 pm: Lockwood Barr; LaLa Deaton; Highway Sister(s)

6:50 pm: Eric Welford; Tony Cobb; Barry Hebert

7:55 pm: Cary Laine; Wyatt Edmondson; Randy Soboul

9:00 pm: Danny Wells; Sean Gasaway

10:45 pm: Tommy Ike Hailey; Barry Chauvin; David Gautreau

The Julep Room – Ocean Springs

MC – Taylor Craven/Host – Corey Perrilioux

5:45 pm: Corey Dean; Jeffery Hutcherson; George Lee

6:50 pm: Stafond Seago; Laurie Anne Armour; Tanya Gallagher

7:55 pm: Sassafrass; Jeremy Eisler

9:00 pm: Taylor Craven; Mark Muleman Massey

10:45 pm: Morgan Catchot; John Spears; Hannah Belle

Mosaic Restaurant & Bar – Ocean Springs

MC – Amanda Jones/Host – Bicycle Jones

5:45 pm: Ron Johnson; Jarrod Nichols; Tony Manard

6:50 pm: Mersaidee Soules; Brian Harrison; Michaela Compton

7:55 pm: Bob Ray; Steve Judice; Joe Sullivan

9:00 pm: Sugarcane Jane; Abe Partridge

10:45 pm: Wayward Jones; Judson Smith

Sunday, Sept. 23

Mosaic Restaurant & Bar – Ocean Springs

Gospel Showcase

12:00 Noon: Message – Bro. Jacob Dickerson, Mosaic Church

Ronnie Davis; Reggie Bates, Double Dee, Taylor Craven

Mosaic Restaurant & Bar – Ocean Springs

5 P.M. to 10 p.m. Grand Finale – TBA

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