Gulfport By Design: Greetings From Gulfport

WLOX Gulf Coast Weekend recently talked with local artists Jerika Broussard and Dara Parker, creators of the new ‘Greetings from Gulfport’ mural located in downtown Gulfport. Interested in adding custom artwork or mural to your residence or business? Find artist information at and

Photos provided by Doug Castenado.

From Gulfport Main Street Association:

GMSA has been responsible in some part for the murals and artwork that has been installed in downtown Gulfport since 2016.  We currently have a mural program called #GulfportByDesign and have worked since 2020 to help artists create and install.  With the help of our wonderful partners – Gulf Coast Community Foundation and the Mississippi Arts Commission – our artists have completed 4 murals in the past year and more than 25 in the past 5 years.

  1. The 2nd one is located at the south entrance of Fishbone Alley at 13th Street and is located on a walk-in cooler.  This mural, created by Lucinda L’Enfant, celebrates the Koi fish with wonderful bright colors.
  2. The 2nd mural is located in the alley on 14th Street, between 24th & 25th Avenues next door to Tony’s Pizza.  The mural, created by my elusive artist Ashley Church, reflects Gulfport’s connection to the Gulf with the lighthouse, a nod to the Pan American Clipper, the ferry boat for Ship Island, beautiful flora and colorful seafood.
  3. The 3rd mural is located on the building of the Chandeleur Brewery at 28th Avenue and 14th The mural, created by Tricia McAlvain, showcases our coastline along the Gulf of Mexico and the Chandeleur Islands.  The bright and stunning murals pop with one of the sunsets that Tricia is known for!
  4. The 4th mural is located on the north side of the building located at 15th St (Railroad) and Highway 49, which is highly visible as you drive south on Hwy 49 into downtown Gulfport.  This mural was a collaboration of Jerika Broussard and Dara Parker, who worked with Laurie Toups to update and showcase a “Greeting to Gulfport” vintage postcard to include current local icons in the design.  This works showcases our Mississippi Aquarium, the Gulfport Harbor Anchor, the massive cranes at the Port of Gulfport, our new Sportplex, Fishbone Alley, the Gulfport Lighthouse, our nautical industry, and the infamous Pelican Welcome sign at Highway 90 & Cowan/Lorraine Road.
  5. The 5th mural is still in the works and on the drawing board and will be announced soon.

These murals and art projects are important to the community in so many ways.

  • First of all, by funding these projects we have been able to get much-needed income to our artists who were greatly affected by the pandemic.
  • Secondly, the cultural arts generate an uplifting attitude to the community.  Through self-expression from the artists we hope to change opinions, instill values and initiate a positive experience through the arts.
  • Thirdly, it’s just cool!!

How can the public help support these and other local art projects?

  • Hire an artist to create an installation for you, your business or your community.
  • Donate money or fund a project through Gulfport Main Street.
  • Contact Laurie Toups via email at or call/text 228-236-6724 for more information.

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