HSSM: Your New Best Friend Is Waiting For You


South Mississippi has a major pet over population crisis and it is extremely evident every single day. Established in 1955, The Humane Society of South  Mississippi is the largest animal welfare organization in the state of Mississippi. The shelter is 100% independent and depends largely on the support and generosity of the local community.

Here are a few HSSM statistics from 2017:

  • Nearly 8,000 of the most vulnerable animals of South Mississippi found shelter and care at HSSSM.
  • Over 4,000 abandoned animals were adopted into loving homes.
  • Over 2,000 orphaned animals were placed into foster care with weekly medical check-ups (that’s 8,000 check-ups at HSSM!)
  • 449 animals went on a slumber party for the weekend to give them a break from the shelter.
  • 446 animals were loaded aboard HSSM’s Love Train and were transported to other shelters where there was a need for an excess of adoptable pets.
  • Over 9,500 micro-chips have been implanted into animals making them 80% more likely to be reunited with their families when/if they should ever go missing.
  • 1,120 lost pets were reunited with their families.
  • 6,787 free or low cost surgeries were performed to help reduce pet overpopulation in South Mississippi.

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