Ohr – O’Keffe Museum Artist Feature: Adam Crosson


Now through March is your chance to witness the work of studio artist, Adam Crosson at the Ohr – O’Keefe Museum of Art. The exhibition is inside the IP Casino Resort & Spa Gallery.

Here’s Adam’s statement on the exhibition:

The exhibition if at all is a comprehensive installation including works of sculpture, photography, and video projection looking at aspects of place and memory in the Regional South. Much of the work references built structures that are in varying states of both dormancy and latency. These states frame the present by looking forward and backward in time. “I search urban and rural conditions for these structures and in doing so collapse properties of both in the space of the gallery. My approach to installation is influenced by the cinematic experience as one that focuses visual and auditory stimuli through a controlled environment. I employ some of these cinematic conventions from a desire to mediate a sense of time and locale, opening up the fictive and pointing toward the potential unfolding of a narrative structure.”

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