Premiere Lux Cine’: The Gulf Coast’s Newest Movie Theater

WLOX story by David Elliot

It’s a coming attraction everyone is talking about. The Gulf Coast is about to have its first movie theater south of Interstate 10 in Harrison County since Hurricane Katrina. The finishing touches are being applied in the lobby at Premiere Lux Cine’, and it will have some unique features as far a food, drink and snacks.

Edgewater Mall Manager Terry Powell took WLOX News Now on a tour.

“We have a self serve bar. Once you purchase that popcorn and drink, from then on you just go up and serve yourself,” Powell said.

The theater’s general manager said the options are unique.

“The primary feature is the pizza pub and full bar. We’ll serve pizza, appetizers and adult beverages, with proper ID of course,” John Sampson said.

The eight-screen cinema will have all the bells and whistles in every theater, including reclining seats.

“It’s comfortable. You have a tray here so if you want to eat and kick back, it’s perfect,” Powell said.

Also look for high-end technology to enhance the audio-visual experience for moviegoers.

“Naturally we’ll have all digital projection and digital sound, digital surround sound in all auditoriums. To my knowledge, we are the first theater in Mississippi to have laser projection. Instead of using a 3,000 watt light bulb, it’s a series of lasers. It’s much more precise,” Sampson said.

The theater will open Nov. 30 at the old Sears location at the southeast corner of the mall. The addition of the theater will be an economic engine for Edgewater, creating buzz and most importantly traffic. The entire mall benefits from the formula that more consumers means residual business for all. People have been watching the construction and anticipating the grand opening.

“Our phones have been ringing off the hook. They want to know what time the movies are starting. It’s been great. There’s a lot of feedback. Every time you mention it to somebody they’re very excited about it,” Powell said.

Premiere Cinema is a company based in Texas. It operates almost 300 screens in 26 locations across five states in the southeast and southwest United States.

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