The First Firefighters Of Biloxi, Miss.

From the official website of the City of Biloxi:

The Biloxi Fire Department has a long and rich history. It was founded in 1889 as a volunteer fire department or the Biloxi Volunteer Fire Company No. 1. In February of 1890, the Mississippi Hook & Ladder Fire Company No. 1 was chartered and in September of the same year, Phil McCabe was nominated as the department’s first fire chief. In October of 1904, the East End Hose Company No. 1 was organized and according to The Biloxi Daily Herald, the firehouse was fully equipped with a hose carriage and ancillary equipment. In November of 1904 the Back Bay Hose Company was organized, on July 8, 1937 the West End Fire Station was dedicated, on July 20, 1937 the new Back Bay Fire Station was dedicated.

Each firehouse had one bell in which a distinct number of clangs would sound the alarm for its volunteers to report immediately. All firefighters in Biloxi were volunteers until 1952 when they received payment for their services.

As the city and population grew, so has the Biloxi Fire Department. The department currently has nine stations.

In July 2013, Mayor A.J. Holloway appointed Joe Boney as the department’s 21st fire chief.

Chief Boney is responsible for a daily administration of fire services to the community and the management of a $14 million dollar annual budget.  His staff is comprised of 151 line firefights and eight civilians.

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