These Alcoholic Capri Suns Give Us Major Nostalgia Feels

It's like childhood - but better.

Yes, that headline is correct: Alcoholic Capri Suns.

Everyone remembers the days of their youth when they ate Lunchables and drank Capri Suns like they were going out of style. And as you grew, chances are you’ve turned to them less and less. But thanks to Greystone Pub in Charlotte, you can enjoy your adult beverage now in pouch form.

Meet the Capri Stones – specially curated drinks intended to remind you of your favorite Capri Sun flavors.

The restaurant launched them on May 19 and the drinks have (unsurprisingly) become a huge hit.

You can currently choose from three flavors – Watermelon Splash, Jalapeño Summer and Pine-Apple!

They cost $5.50 a piece and can be found at 3039 South Blvd.