Alex North photographic display part of Gulfport’s 124th birthday celebration

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - The city of Gulfport will be 124 years old on July 28, and its trip back in time is best told in images.

Right now, the Gulfport Historical Society is letting Alex North guide the story.

“He has documented the beauty and the history of Gulfport so well,” said society member Jim Miller. “So, we thought if we were celebrating the birthday of Gulfport, why not show it in its most beautiful, traditional way?”

Miller organized the exhibit.

The picture taken under the St. Stanislaus pier is his favorite, because it defines North’s determination.

“That particular shot happens once a year,” Miller said. “For six years in a row, Alex was right there, waiting for the sun to rise in that particular location so he could get the perfect image.”

Being color-blind did not deter North. In fact, it gave him a different perspective.

“What he shot, is what he got...what you see here is the way he pulled it out of his camera.”

About 200 images taken by North are on display.

“This has really given us a slice in time of what the Coast is like,” said Biloxi Historical Administrator Bill Raymond. “It’s been that way as long as I remember. So, we have the true beauty but we also have Alex’s version of it, which is fabulous.”

His widow, Leslie North, knew his work best.

“Alex loved nature. He loved our Coast. He loved God,” she said. “And he wanted to show people what a wonderful place we live in. And he captured so many things that we would drive by and just not pay any attention to.”

She found joy in providing the photographs for use.

“It was just so overwhelming when they asked me to provide some of his work,” she said. “And it touched me so much and it just made me feel so honored.”

The exhibit will be at the Gulfport Museum of History for two weeks. Many of his works are for sale.

For more information, check out the website:

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Mike Lacy

Mike Lacy

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