In Their Shoes: Making a difference, saving lives with an AMR paramedic

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - They aren’t just a taxi ride to the hospital; paramedics work against the clock to save our lives in critical times.

On today’s ‘In Their Shoes,’ we celebrate National First Responders Day with an AMR paramedic who puts his all into the important job. David Slatten has been a paramedic for 23 years, but he still loves his job more than ever.

“One thing is, we’re not in this to make money... That’s for sure,” Slatten said. “You know, we are in this because we wanna be. Because it’s exciting, we can make a difference with people in some of their most critical times, and it’s a fun thing to do.”

Slatten takes us along in an ambulance, shows us the tons of live-saving equipment on board, and tells about his favorite stories he’s heard on the job.

“It’s just the coolest stories that these guys have to tell,” Slatten said.

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WLOX Staff

WLOX Staff

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