Get paid $1,000 to taste road trip snacks from Buc-ee’s: ‘We want to pay you’

(Gray News) - A company is currently looking to hire a hungry traveler who enjoys their snacks.

According to FinanceBuzz, an informational website, its team is looking to hire a snack taste taster to try 25 popular foods from Buc-ee’s.

“We want to pay you to eat snacks. At FinanceBuzz, we help people save and spend their money wisely, and we want to know which foods are worth the bread,” the company shared.

If selected, the taste tester will reportedly get paid $1,000 plus $250 to cover the cost of snacks and merchandise.

The company said those interested in applying must live near or be willing to travel to a Buc-ee’s location. This person would also have to be willing to try almost any snack the store offers.

“We’ll give you a shopping list and count on you to document your experience through written product reviews and photographs,” the company said.

The taste taster’s notes will then be used for an upcoming story shared by FinanceBuzz.

More information regarding the opening can be found online.